Parking Instruction

Step 1. Make online reservation on our website:

Step 2. Print out Confirmation Receipt or have it saved on your phone or electronic device.

Step 3. Day of arrival: Come to one of our available locations. The city parking facility is a multi-level parking garage.

Step 4a. For cruise parking, hop our free shuttle to the Port Of Miami (if you chose a car wash your car will be super shiny by the time you get back) and have a great trip!

Step 4b. For city parking, please take an entrance ticket upon arriving to the lot to enter the garage. There will be NO available parking attendant upon entering the garage; therefore it is required to take a ticket in order to enter. Please ONLY park on the 4th level or higher.

Step 5. Make sure to take and remove all your belongings and valuables. Although our lot is safe, we are not responsible for any damaged or stolen items related to your vehicle. We strongly urge you to take all belongings with you.

Step 6. When leaving the garage, you will need to provide your receipt and entrance ticket to the parking attendant to show you have fully paid for your parking. If there is no parking attendant present at the booth, please press the “call button” to be connected to the onsite manager.

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